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We Take the Pain out of Fastener Supply

The fastener supply function can often be a source of pain for any manufacturer. While people engaged in various job functions may perceive this pain differently, it ultimately relates to the larger issue of fastener supply.

Fastener Supply and Product Design/Engineering

Whether designing a new product or modifying an existing one, determining the best way to assemble it often involves selecting the right fastener. Determining that “right” fastener can include a number of considerations, and attempting to accommodate those considerations may be a source of pain for even the best design engineer. These selection considerations can include:


  • Shear and tensile strength requirements for the fasteners
  • Corrosion-resistant characteristics required
  • Ease and efficiency of assembly
  • Fastener pricing
  • Reliable availability of selected fasteners


Here’s How We Can Help

There are several ways in which we can take some of the pain out of fastener selection as part of the Product Design and Engineering function. Our fastener experts for the OEM market can often assist you in selecting fasteners that best meet your performance criteria, while also offering ease of assembly and competitive pricing. We source these fasteners globally from some of the world’s largest and best fastener manufacturers. However, if your design calls for a fastener that is difficult to source, we can also manufacture that fastener for you, further ensuring reliable delivery.

Fastener Supply and Supply Chain Management

Not being able to maintain a reliable supply of critical-use fasteners can do significant harm to production schedules and overall operational efficiency. And being forced to air freight fasteners overnight to keep production moving is never a good outcome.


Here’s How We Can Help

At All-Pro, we can help you avoid this type of issue in multiple ways. First of all, we are able to source from a wide range of highly reliable manufacturers. If sourcing is not an option at the outset, we can also manufacture the fasteners you need until a dependable source can be located. In addition, our VMI and JMI programs will help keep your supply on track, avoiding any last-minute panic over dwindling fastener inventories.

Fastener Supply and Inventory Control; Production Management

While not having a sufficient supply of fasteners can have a significant impact on production efficiency and build rates, having an excess supply of fastener inventory can unnecessarily “burn cash.”


Here’s How We Can Help

Through our VMI and JMI programs, supported by ongoing communications with inventory management and production personnel, we can ensure that there is always a ready supply of the fasteners needed. At the same time, these same processes will help to keep inventories from exceeding levels beyond what is required to maintain your assembly processes.

Fastener Supply and Accounting

Having multiple invoices for various fastener purchases, often from different suppliers, can add unnecessary stress to Accounts Payable and other accounting functions. In addition, managing multiple invoices against purchase orders and shipping receipts can occupy a significant amount of an accounting department’s limited time resources.


Here’s How We Can Help

In conjunction with our  VMI and JMI programs, we can develop billing programs specially designed to work smoothly with your accounting function. Our simplified invoicing will also allow for full accounting of all product shipped in a single, easy-to-follow invoice.

Fastener Supply Can Be a Pain. Our Mission is to Relieve that Pain