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Tower and Pole Fasteners

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Fasteners and hardware for tower and pole construction; and ladders for climbing.

All-Pro Fasteners offers a full line of fastener and hardware solutions for tower and pole construction and installation. In addition, we offer advanced climbing and working ladders for a wide range of steel pole and utility ladder applications, as well as other utility structures.


Unlimited Solutions

Our fastener product catalog is not limited, thanks to our custom manufacturing capabilities. We can accommodate both low- and high-volume production requirements, manufacturing specialty machined parts to exact specifications.

Our quality-assured global sourcing services allow us to strategically supply available fastening solutions, domestically and internationally, including specialty products, bottlenecked items, and hard-to-source-fasteners. We manage all aspects of the supply chain, from analysis and negotiation to procurement and testing, to delivery and inventory monitoring.


Quality Assurance

With our on-site A2LA Quality Assurance Lab, our testing team ensures that the products we manufacture, stock, and distribute meet the strictest customer quality requirements.

Working with our tower and pole specialists and manufacturing teams, our quality testing group ensures that all customer requirements and per-spec designs, materials, and finishes are accurately met.


JMI/VMI, Kitting, and Shipping Services

We offer a broad range customized services that can add to the productivity of your operation. These services include comprehensive JMI and VMI programs and a number of kitting solutions. In addition, we also provide value-added packaging and delivery options and stock and release programs, along with custom shipping and scheduling solutions.


Related Services

Additionally, we offer assembly services, along with anodizing, burnishing, drilling, grinding, painting, passivating, coating, plating, polishing, and galvanizing of fasteners and assemblies.


Standard Climbing Ladders

Ladder Accessories

A325-A354-A449-A490 Bolts, Nuts & Washers

A394 Tower & Step Bolts

Anchor Bolts to 4” Diameter

U-bolts, J-bolts, V-bolts, and Ladder Bolts

18-J Rebar Anchor Steel and Cages

J-clamps and V-clamps

Pole Line Hardware

Threaded Rods and Studs


Per Print Machine Parts


Step Clips


Transmission Towers

Distribution Towers

Cell Towers

Wind Turbines


Observation Towers

Utility Structures