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Fastening Solutions for Metal Building Fabrications

All-Pro’s industry specialists understand metal fabrication and the critical role fastening plays in the industry. Combining global sourcing with in-house manufacturing, rigorous testing, and a range of value-added services, All-Pro ensures the reliability of the fastener supply for metal building fabricators.


Endless Possibilities for Metal Building Fabrication

Combining expert global sourcing with our in-house fastener manufacturing arm, All-Pro Threaded Products (APTP), our fastener product catalog is virtually unlimited. Whether your metal building project requires low-volume or high-volume production, we can provide you with a reliable supply of fasteners either through custom manufacturing, global sourcing, or a combination of both. In addition, we can manage every facet of your fastener supply chain, including procurement, testing, delivery, and inventory monitoring.


Quality Assurance

Our on-site A2LA Quality Assurance Testing Lab ensures that products we source, manufacture, and distribute meet the strictest quality requirements. Our quality testing group often collaborates with our metal building market specialists and manufacturing teams to ensure all customer requirements and per-spec designs, materials, and finishes are met with exacting precision.


Enhancing Metal Building Productivity with JMI/VMI, Kitting, and Shipping Services

Our wide array of customized services is designed to enhance the productivity of your fabrication operation. These services range from comprehensive JMI and VMI programs to a range of kitting solutions. We also offer value-added packaging and delivery options, stock and release programs, and custom shipping and scheduling solutions.


Related Services

To better meet the needs of our customers, we also offer several other services, including product assembly, anodizing, coating, burnishing, drilling, grinding, painting, passivating, polishing, plating, and galvanizing of fasteners and assemblies.


Elevating your Metal Building Projects

Combining industry expertise, a commitment to supply chain reliability, and a custom approach to each customer’s fastener supply program, you can depend on All-Pro Fasteners for your fastener requirements. Contact us to discuss how All-Pro can become your fastener supply partner.

Metal Building Fastener Products

A-307 Bolts Grade A and B Full Thread

Forged A307B Heavy Hex Head

Anchor Bolt with 6” Thread

L-Anchor Bolts ½” thru 2″

Forged Eyebolt w/ Nut, Flat Washer, and Hillside Washer Assembled

Wedge Anchors

Hammer Drive and Anchors

ASTM F1554 Grade 36-55-105 Anchor Bolts

Fabricated Rod Products

Brace Rod Assemblies (Turnbuckles and Clevises)

Eye Bolts

Flat Head FIN/NK Bolt

A325 Bolts



Pan Head Self-Drilling and Self-Piercing

Galvanized Strand: 1X7 EHS Left ASTM-A475

Brace Locking Grips


Agricultural Buildings

Aircraft Hangars


Community Centers

Cold Storage Facilities


Distribution Centers

Warehouse Facilities

Grow Houses

Horse Arenas