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Climbing and working devices for utility structures

All-Pro Ladders offer climbing and working ladders for a wide range of steel pole and utility ladder applications, as well as other utility structures. In addition to new construction, All-Pro Ladders can be retrofit to existing structures, or used to replace outdated climbing steps. Adjustable versions of working and climbing ladders are also available.

All-Pro Ladders are manufactured in the U.S.A. by All-Pro Threaded Products (APTP), a subsidiary of All-Pro Fasteners, at its Arlington, Texas, manufacturing facility. We control the entire manufacturing process and maintain a large inventory of ladder assemblies and accessories, delivering in-stock ladder solutions, on-time, on-budget, and on-spec, every time.

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All-Pro Ladders save time on the job and reduce the number of parts required during installation. Using a patent-pending, angled ladder clip and pin design, ladder sections slide into place easily. This unique design allows each section to be fastened with just two hex bolts.

Our pre-connected sectional assemblies allow the installation of 5-6 steps at a time, with welded steps already built into the assembly. The unique slide-in clip allows each ladder section to be installed quickly and results in simpler installation process.

Built-in safety features include knurled steps, 3/4″ diameter step bolts for added strength, and safety clip-in spots designed into the ladder frame. All-Pro Ladders are load-tested in our A2LA Quality Assurance Lab. All ladder designs meet and exceed industry AWS weld codes, structural designs, and fall safety Z359.1 requirements.

By reducing the number of installation steps, and the number of parts required, All-Pro Ladders save time and reduce the risk of installation errors. All bolts, nuts, and washers required for installation are kitted and pre-packed in buckets for shipment to the job site. Pre-kitted ladder assembly and component systems are shipped in boxes or on pallets, depending on the installation. Upon unpacking, ladders and step bolts are pre-connected, allowing full sections to be quickly attached.

•  Climbing and Working Assemblies

•  All-Steel Construction

•  Load-tested For Safety

•  Made In U.S.A.

•  Large 3/4″ Step Bolts

•  Charpy Impact Tested

•  Added Gusset Feature

•  Clip-In Spots For Safety

•  Knurled For Slip-Resistance

•  ANSI/ASSE Z359.1 Safety Standards

•  AWS D1.1 Welded Code Compliance

•  Angled Clip Feature For Added Strength

•  Two-Bolt Installation

All-Pro Ladders include such safety features as gusseted safety clips and angled frame supports.

With our added gusset feature, our ladders have raised the bar for the ladder industry, by creating an even more safety-conscious ladder. All ladders are manufactured and load-tested to strict quality standards. All steps are staggered for climbing, with knurled steps and safety harness clip-in spots. All ladder assemblies are available in galvanized or weathering steel.

Climbing Ladders

Four (4) step bolts, staggered for climbing

Odd Spacing Assemblies

Galvanized Climbing Ladder Assembly
• 54-1/4” –  15″ Leg Spacing

Weathering Steel Climbing Ladder Assembly
• 54-1/4” –  15″ Leg Spacing

Working Ladders

Eight (8) step bolts, adjacent for working

Even Spacing Assemblies

Galvanized Working Ladder Assembly
• 54-1/4” –  15″ Leg Spacing

Weathering Steel Working Ladder Assembly
• 54-1/4” –  15″ Leg Spacing

Adjustable Ladders

Versions of both working and climbing ladders can extend up to 42 additional inches, giving the installer an additional 1, 2, or 3 steps at the top of a tower.

Our ladder accessories are manufactured in-house and tested in our A2LA Quality Assurance Lab to ensure reliable performance. Our kitting and fulfillment services save time and ensure the right materials arrive on-time for your installation.

Ladder Clips

Clips are welded to the pole, allowing quick installation and removal of our ladders. These slip-in clips meet all ASTM A36 (galvanized) or ASTM A588 (weathering steel) specifications.

Step Bolts

We carry a large inventory of ¾” step bolts, in both weathering steel and galvanized options. All step bolts are exclusively manufactured in our facilities in the U.S.A., using 100% domestic steel. Our step bolts are custom knurled for slip resistance, and charpy impact-tested, ensuring reliably safe performance. Test reports are available on request.

Why All-Pro Ladders?

Performance that saves time and lets you climb with confidence.

Rugged, Load-Tested, All-Steel Construction

All-Pro Ladders are built for rugged performance, featuring all-steel, certified construction and large 3/4″ diameter step bolts for the ultimate in strength and safety.

Meets and Exceeds All Standards for Climbing Ladder Safety

All-Pro Ladders meet all applicable AWS, ASTM, ANSI/ASSE industry standards for climbing ladders and are proven in a broad range of critical utility and infrastructure projects.

Quality Welding and A2LA Lab Testing

All-Pro Ladders are manufactured using calibrated, state-of-the-art welding equipment, by skilled welders. All welding is performed under the supervision of AWS Certified Welding Inspectors, ensuring compliance to AWS D1.1 Welded Code. All ladders are also tested to meet the Safety Requirements for Personal Fall Arrest Systems and Components ANSI/ASSE Z359.1

Made in U.S.A. by Highly Skilled, Certified Welders

Every ladder is manufactured with pride in our state-of-the-art facility, located in Arlington, TX.

Responsive Service & Fast Turnaround

We maintain a large inventory of ladder assemblies and accessories, and our industry specialists provide the responsive and knowledgeable service you expect from All-Pro Fasteners. We also offer a custom menu of kitting and shipping options to support your operations, saving work crews time and money on the job.