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Fasteners and Hardware for Marine Construction

All-Pro Fasteners is a leading source for top-quality fasteners and related marine hardware. With extensive experience in the marine sector and an unwavering commitment to the customer, we have long been a trusted partner, reliably supplying the industry with a broad range of fasteners. Our product offering includes hot-dip galvanized and stainless steel hardware, manufactured to meet the exacting demands of dock, pier, and marina construction, along with ships, barges, platforms, and more.

At All-Pro, we understand the nuances of maritime fabrication, ensuring that our products and distribution services align precisely with the requirements associated with it.


Tailored Solutions for the Maritime Sector

All-Pro has the ability to provide the right fastener for almost any marine fastening application. We offer extensive custom manufacturing services through our manufacturing arm, All-Pro Threaded Products (APTP). We can accommodate both low- and high-volume production requirements, manufacturing specialty machined fasteners and related parts to exact specifications.

Complementing our manufacturing is our quality-assured global sourcing services, supplying fastening solutions both domestically and internationally. Whether your application requires hard-to-source fasteners, bottlenecked items, or other specialty marine products, All-Pro can meet your needs, through sourcing, manufacturing, or a strategic combination of both. We can manage all aspects of your fastening supply chain, including analysis, negotiation, procurement, testing, delivery, and inventory monitoring, ensuring a reliable supply of marine fasteners and related parts.


Committed to Uncompromising Quality

Our on-site A2LA Quality Assurance Testing Lab ensures that every product we manufacture, stock, and distribute meets the strictest customer quality requirements. Collaborating seamlessly with our marine specialists and manufacturing teams, our quality testing group guarantees that all requirements, including per-spec designs, materials, and finishes, are accurately met.


Enhancing Maritime Operations with JMI/VMI, Kitting, and Shipping Services

We offer a broad range of customized services designed to contribute to your operational efficiency. These services include VMI/JMI programs, as well as our versatile kitting solutions, in order to streamline your operations. In addition, we provide value-added packaging, tailored delivery options, stock and release programs, along with custom shipping and scheduling solutions.


Value-Added Services

Our suite of related services for the marine industry includes assembly programs, anodizing, burnishing, drilling, grinding, painting, passivating, coating, plating, polishing, and galvanizing of fasteners and assemblies.


Your Partner for Maritime Fastener Supply

All-Pro’s dedication to quality, decades of industry expertise, and personalized approach ensure that your marine hardware requirements are met with precision and reliability. Contact us to discuss how All-Pro can become your steadfast partner in marine fastener solutions.

Marine Fastener Products



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