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Fasteners, bolts, and custom products for agricultural equipment manufacturers

Machined components and fasteners designed for agriculture applications are typically manufactured from materials that resist corrosion, oppose contamination, and withstand harsh circumstances. The flow of fluids and gases in equipment like tractors, balers, mowers, and conveyance systems is typically under pressure, and any loss of that pressure may hamper performance, jeopardize worker safety, and result in unnecessary equipment wear.

Cleanliness is also critical in conveyance equipment, as germs or contaminants can generate costly recalls and negative customer feedback.

All-Pro Fasteners understands the special requirements of agriculture equipment manufacturing, and for decades has been the leading supplier of fasteners and related parts to the industry. We meet the industry’s need for a reliable supply of fasteners by providing a mix of domestic manufacturing, quality-assured global sourcing, and flexible, reliable supply chain solutions.


Wide Range of Fastener-Supply Solutions

All-Pro customers are not limited to one conventional fastener supply solution. Our ISO 9001:2015-certified manufacturing arm, All-Pro Threaded Products, can meet your needs for custom or difficult-to-source fasteners and components. We can accommodate both low- and high-volume production requirements, manufactured to exact specifications.

In addition to our manufacturing capabilities, we also offer quality-assured, global sourcing services. Our global reach allows us to strategically supply a broad range of fasteners, domestically and internationally, including specialty products, bottlenecked items, and hard-to-source-fasteners. You can count on the experienced account managers at All-Pro to provide for all aspects of the supply chain, from analysis and negotiation to procurement and testing, to delivery and inventory monitoring.


Quality Assurance

You can be confident in the quality of the products we provide to you. All-Pro’s in-house testing team, operating in our on-site A2LA Quality Assurance Lab, ensures that the products we manufacture, stock, and distribute meet the strictest quality requirements. Working with our agricultural equipment and manufacturing specialists, our quality testing team ensures that all customer specifications are accurately met, including dimensions, materials, and finishes.


JMI/VMI, Kitting, and Shipping Services

As part of our orientation towards partnering with our customers, we offer a broad range of customized services that can add to the productivity of your operation. These services include comprehensive JMI and VMI programs, along with a number of kitting solutions. We also provide value-added packaging, delivery options, and stock and release programs, along with custom shipping and scheduling solutions.


Related Services

To provide better supply solutions for our customers, we offer a wide range of assembly services. In addition, we can meet customers’ needs for anodizing, burnishing, drilling, grinding, painting, passivating, coating, plating, polishing, and galvanizing of fasteners and assemblies.


Fasteners play a pivotal role in the agricultural industry, from the manufacture of feeding pails to the assembly of tractors to the construction of silos. At All-Pro, we often supply the following fasteners:

Shackle bolts


Spline Shafts


12 pt bolts

Plow bolts

Carriage bolts

Locknuts (all metal/nylon insert)

Wheel Bolts

Custom pins


Types of agricultural equipment where APF supplied components and fasteners are used include:



Hay balers


Lawn mowers





Watering systems


To meet the exacting specifications of ag equipment manufacturers, we offer a wide range of materials, including:


Stainless Steel




Carbon Steel

Metric Steel Classes 4.8, 8.8, 12.9


Alloy Steel