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Structural Bolts

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Structural bolts of all types, made to any required length.

Our manufacturing division offers structural bolts up to 1.5” diameter at any required length, with a wide range of custom threading and coating options. With various metal, coatings and threading options, our structural bolts meet a wide range of specifications.


Wedge anchors.

We provide both domestic manufacturing and global sourcing for a wide range of anchors to match your application, with quality testing and material test reports performed by our A2LA Quality Lab.

  • Wedge Anchors
  • Sleeve Anchors
  • Drop-In Anchors
  • Wall Anchors
  • Anchoring Bolts
  • Anchor Cages

We are a full-source supplier and manufacturer of weld studs for Capacitor Discharge (CD), Arc and Drawn Arc welding applications, along with chemical studs for select application.

  • Weld Studs
  • Chemical Studs

We are a full-source manufacturer and supplier of hanger rods, sag rods, turnbuckles and clevis assemblies for a variety of applications and industries.

  • Hanger Rods
  • Sag Rods
  • Turnbuckles and Clevis Assemblies

We offer a full range of nuts and bolts for structural bolting applications, available in a variety of materials and coatings based on your requirements.

  • A-325 Erection Bolts
  • Anchor Bolts
  • A-307 / A-325 / A-490 Structural Bolts
  • A-325 / A-490 Tension Control Bolts
  • A-325 / A-490 Hex Bolts
  • U-Bolts
  • ANCO-PN-LOC Locknuts
  • A-325 Tension Control Bolts
  • Swedge Bolts
  • Elevator Bolts