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Lindapter Clamps - Solving steel connection challenges

Lindapter is the world innovator of steel-to-steel clamping systems. Lindapter solutions from All-Pro Fasteners eliminate the requirement to drill or weld steel, allowing streamlined installations and reduced costs while preserving the integrity of the steel. Lindapter is the trusted industry solution. Click here to download the free Lindapter catalog.

Lindapters for Steel Connections

Lindapter steel connections.
  • Type A
  • Type AF
  • Type AFCW
  • Type AFP1 / AFP2
  • Type B
  • Type BR
  • Type CF

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  • Type CW
  • Type D2
  • Type D3
  • Type F9
  • Type FC
  • Type LR
  • Type LS
  • Type P1

Lindapters for HSS Connections

Lindapter hollo bolt for HSS connection
  • Type HB – Hollo-Bolt® Button Head Security
  • Type HB – Hollo-Bolt® Countersunk
  • Type HB – Hollo-Bolt® Flush Fit
  • Type HB – Hollo-Bolt® Hexagonal Head
  • Type LB2 – Lindibolt® 2

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Lindapters for Pipe / Conduit

Lindapter pipe support
  • Type F3
  • Type FL
  • Type FLS
  • Type HW/HC
  • Type LC
  • Type SW
  • Type Z10

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Lindapters for Steel Floor

Lindapter steel floor connection
  • Type FF – Floorfast®
  • Type GF – Grate-Fast®

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