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All-Pro Fasteners is continually developing information that is useful to our customers and others involved in fastener selection. Fastener Facts™ is an informational series that explores topics related to the specification, use, and purchase of fastener products.

Fasteners & Corrosion: Avoiding Problems in Advance

Each year, the effect of corrosion on public and private assets represents an equivalent cost of 3.4% of global GDP, according to some estimates. Here we discuss important considerations involved in the selection of fastener materials, designs, and coatings, in order to help design engineers, project managers, and purchasing personnel avoid potential problems that can result from fastener corrosion.

Single Sourcing

Any decision to enter into a single-source relationship is of significant strategic importance to both the buying organization and the supplier. This whitepaper explains how single sourcing provides the potential to negotiate lower costs and better purchasing terms.